Recruiters who are using the web for advertising need to understand some of the fundamental concepts involved. Concepts like search engine optimization (SEO), some of the more technical aspects of how search engines work and how they relate to the recruitment process. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about Jobshout and web marketing.

How do I link my site with Jobshout?

You need to have at least one link, prominently displayed on your home page. Better still have a link displayed on all the pages in your site - after all getting visitors to go to your job board will quickly become one of its most important functions. Nothing says more about you than the jobs you are handling, and nothing is more likely to generate additional revenues for your business.

We have a selection of nice-looking buttons that you can use. Or you can include a simple text link along the lines of the following: <a href= target="blank">Do a job search</a>

What is a spider?

A "spider", also known as a web crawler, robot or "bot", is a program that browses the Web in a methodical, automated manner. Generally speaking, spiders used by search engines, such as Google or MSN, copy the pages that they visit, so that the search engine can index them later on in order to provide fast searches.

Starting with a set of pages that the spider already knows about, the spider also searches each page for links to other pages will add those page to its list of pages to visit. Consequently it is vital to have links going to your Jobshout site.

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How does Google work?

Exactly how Google ranks different sites when you do a Google search is a closely guarded secret, and in any case is continually changing, but there are some well established basic principles.

Essentially Google tries to replicate how an intelligent, informed person would review your page and judge how relevant it was to a given search. This would include considering the following:

  • How often do the search terms appear?
  • How prominent are they?
  • How often do you update your page?
  • Do pages using these terms link to your page?
  • Does your page link to other pages using the same terms?
  • Do other pages in your site relate to these search terms too?
  • How popular is your page - in other words, how many other sites link to it?
  • Are there any signs that your page is search engine "spam"? Does it overdo its use of these search terms? Is it trying to conceal its true intent from the viewer, while attempting to deceive search engines?

Put simply, Google looks for great content to index (and that means words rather than images, movies or Flash files). Your ads are great content for search engines like Google, and that is why it is so important to get them on the web.

How does Jobshout work?

Jobshout is a hosted job board system for recruiters. The fact that it is hosted means that there are no upfront costs or hidden charges. You just pay monthly to carry on using the system. When you want to stop, you just stop paying.

You put your jobs on the system using a simple web-based form. This is then immediately published onto the web using a template that we have created for you free of charge, and which reflects your own branding.

The system automatically takes care of some of the tedious but necessary things that can make all the difference in getting good search engine rankings. Jobshout can also help you publish web content other than jobs. It gives you a host of useful stats about your jobs and the traffic coming to your site.

And finally, the system can be customised to fit your own requirements (we may have to make some charges for this depending on the work involved).

What happens if our site goes down?

Jobshout aims for 99.8% uptime for your site, so the chances of it going down are remote. In the event of your site going down our technical support staff are automatically informed immediately, and take prompt remedial action.

How do I put jobs on?

You just type or paste into a simple web entry form. It could not be easier.

Who can access Jobshout and what is the security of the site like?

Jobshout is password-protected and is highly secure against hacking. Only registered users can access it, and they can be assigned different levels of security.

What do I get out of Jobshout and why should I not just use job boards?

What Jobshout can deliver for you is prominence for your own website, so that your jobs get found in web searches. It is quite possible - indeed it is very common - for Jobshout jobs to outperform the same jobs on a job board. Moreover, your Jobshout jobs will always get indexed by search engines, - not necessarily of those you put on job boards.

When you put your job on Jobshout, it is on the web, until you remove it. Even though it may become a filled job, it can still bring people to your site. That is not the case with a job board, where your job is removed as soon as you stop paying for the ad. Even if your ad does turn up in a web search, there is no guarantee that the job board will still be displaying the page, so the searcher may get a disappointing "Page Not Found" message.

Why should I want to be found on Google?

Because you will make more money as a result.

Actually, you need to be found on as many search engines as possible - not just Google. Approximately half of all searches are done on Google, a quarter on Yahoo, a tenth on MSN and on AOL a twentieth. (Source: Neilsen/NetRatings, Feb 2007.)

What is the point of spending money on the web?

More and more job seekers now use the web as a first resort, as opposed to print advertising, and this trend will increase. You need the right jobseekers to find you so getting found on the web is essential.

Is it realistic to expect Google searches to show my jobs in the first ten hits

Absolutely! There are some search terms which are very frequently used and where the competition is fierce. However it is quite possible for a small company's site to outperform a larger one's for certain searches. The web is very democratic. The more you advertise specific criteria (location, job position, skills, market sector, etc), the higher your chances of performing well when the right jobseeker does a search.

Do I still need to use job boards if I am using Jobshout?

Jobshout does not normally replace all other online advertising, but you may well find that it enables you reduce other online expenditure to such an extent that it pays for itself or even saves you money.

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What are keywords?

Keywords are the most important words and phrases in your job ad, the ones that you think people may well include in the sort of searches that you want to find you.

There is also a hidden information field called Meta Keywords, that you can use to specify what your keywords are for that page - for the benefit of search engines. Jobshout automatically populates this field with the most significant keywords for that page.

What are search terms for candidates?

They are the words that they use when doing a web search.

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

In brief, this means improving your website so that your pages perform as well as possible in web searches. Jobshout automates this process.

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What is the most important benefit of Jobshout?

Getting more traffic to your website, and more business as a result.